New Retail Day

  • 17:00~17:20


    Insights and Opportunities for Retail in the New Digital Economy

  • 17:20~17:35


    Livestreaming Technology Behind the World's Biggest Online Shopping Festival

  • 17:35~17:50


    Digitalization and Transformation under the Game of China's Changing Channels

  • 17:50~18:05


    How to Build an AI-Powered Operations System for Your E-Commerce Business


The retail industry is experiencing unprecedented change driven by the challenges brought on by the pandemic and new opportunities enabled by digital transformation. Consumer behaviors have shifted, expectations have risen, and supply chains are under pressure. Capitalizing on digital transformation is key to meet these challenges, allowing companies, large and small, to digitalize their business operations, improve customer experience with additional innovative digital touchpoints (such as livestreaming), enable touchless payment interactions, empower data-driven inventory and supply chain management, and provide a seamless omnichannel experience.

Alibaba Cloud is proud to present this upcoming New Retail Day event to highlight some of the key issues, case studies, and best practices that can help companies accelerate their transformation and scale up their businesses with featured speakers from Alibaba as well as external industry experts.



Emily Lu

Senior Retail Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud

Emily Lu is responsible for digital transformation solutions at Alibaba Cloud, helping multi-national companies strategically plan their end-to-end digital landscape in Greater China and abroad from marketing to sales to supply chain. Emily brings with her over 10 years of experience advising and serving top global customers in the FMCG, ecommerce, and retail industries.

James Chow

Senior Training Adviser of Taobao Education

James Chow is a Senior Training Adviser of Taobao Education. As a professional in the ICT industry, he has 15 years of working experience in different countries. He is the key member of Taobao Education Live Streaming Talent Base Project and Cross Border eCommerce Talent Project, which aim to help start-ups and enterprises to improve their business through a digital economy approach.

Derek Deng

Partner at Bain & Company

Derek Deng is a partner in Bain & Company's Shanghai office and head of Consumer Products practice in Greater China. He is also an expert in Bain's Private Equity and Mergers & Acquisitions practices. Derek has more than 18years of industry and management consulting experience. He advises clients across a range of industries, including consumer products, private equity, industrial goods & services and financial services.

Richard Li

Log Service Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud

Richard Li is currently a Solution Architect at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. He has more than 10 years of experience working in IT operations and maintenance. He has helped many notable Retail and Gaming companies build an AI-based operations system.

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